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Oscillators are used to generate oscillating signals. Oscillators can be used in a number of devices such as radios, clocks, watches, computers, metal detectors, and other devices. Oscillators are electronic circuits that produce AC signal output from a DC supply. There are many different kinds of oscillators such as Cavity Oscillators, Fixed Clock SAW Oscillators, Fixed DRO/CRO, Fixed Gunn Oscillators, Fixed Sine SAW/STW Oscillators, OCVCXO Clock, OCVCXO Sine, OCXO, Clock OCXO Sine, Other Oscillators, TCVCXO Clock, TCVCXO Sine, TCXO Clock, TCXO Sine, Tuned DRO/CRO, Tuned Gunn Oscillators, VCXO, Clock, VCXO Sine, Voltage Controlled Clock, SAW Oscillators, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Voltage Controlled Sine, SAW/STW Oscillators, XO, Clock XO Sine, and YIG Tuned Oscillators.

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