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RF Connectors

RF Connectors stands for Radio Frequency Connector. RF Connectors are either a plug or socket that are made for usage with radio frequency devices and are used to terminate a RF cable. RF Connectors are also known as coaxial connectors. Applications include: radio, TV, telecommunication, WIFI, antennas, and high-data-rate wireless transceivers. RF Connectors range from a wide variety of sizes and styles. RF Connector types can range from RF Adapters, RF Blindmate Connectors, RF BNC Connectors, RF C Connectors, RF MCX/MMCX Connectors, RF N Connectors, RF SC Connectors, RF SMA/SSMA Connectors, RF SMB/SSMB Connectors, RF SMC/SSMC Connectors, RF TNC Connectors, RF Twinax/Triax/Quadax Connectors, RF UHF Connectors, Other RF Connectors, and SHV Connectors.

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