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584 Adafruit

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    584 Adafruit

    584 is manufactured by Adafruit and is categorized in the Electroluminescent category. 584 is described as WIRE STARTER PK EL GRN 2.5M-8.2. Perfect Parts is a supplier of Optoelectronics and other Semiconductors.

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    An Optoelectronic part is an electronic component that converts electronic signals to generate or transmit light. Optoelectronics products include Displays, Infrared LEDs, Laser Diodes, LCD Displays, LED Displays, Optical Position Encoders, Optocoupler - IC Outputs, Optocoupler - Photocell Outputs, Optocoupler - Transistor Outputs, Optocoupler - Trigger Device Outputs, Optoelectronic Accessories, Other Optoelectronics, Photo Diodes, Photo ICs, Photo Resistives, Photo Transistors, Photo Trigger Devices, Photovoltaic Cells, Slotted Switch - Logic Outputs, Slotted Switch - Transistor Outputs, Solid State Relays, and Visible LEDs.
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