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70651-012 Amphenol FCI

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    70651-012 Amphenol FCI

    70651-012 is manufactured by Amphenol FCI and is categorized in the Fiber Optic Connectors category. 70651-012 is described as DATALINK DC9007A NEW. Perfect Parts is a supplier of Fiber Optic Connectors and other Interconnects.

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    Fiber Optic Connectors

    A Fiber Optic Connector is a connector that is placed on the end of optical fibers. There are multiple types of fiber optical connectors. Some of the most popular are ST, FC, LC, SC Type Connectors. Perfect Parts carries multiple Fiber Optic Connector types and accessories including: Fiber Optic Adapters, Fiber Optic Biconic Connectors, Fiber Optic FC Connectors, Fiber Optic Networking Connectors, Fiber Optic SC Connectors, Fiber Optic SMA Connectors, Fiber Optic ST Connectors, as well as, Other Fiber Optic Connectors.
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