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BB-856-15732 ADVANTECH

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    BB-856-15732 ADVANTECH

    BB-856-15732 is manufactured by ADVANTECH and is categorized in the Uncategorized Fiber Optics category. BB-856-15732 is described as Fiber Converter, iMcVMediaLinxSSFX-SM1550SC (1550XMT/1310RCV). Perfect Parts is a supplier of Fiber Optics and other Semiconductors.

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    Uncategorized Fiber Optics

    Fiber Optics is the use of thin flexible fibers of glass or other transparent solids to transmit light signals. Fiber Optics are mainly used for telecommunications There are multiple kinds of fiber optic products such as Fiber Optic Mux/Demux, Fiber Optic Amplifiers, Fiber Optic Attenuators, Fiber Optic Circulator/Isolators, Fiber Optic Detectors, Fiber Optic Emitters, Fiber Optic Filters, Fiber Optic Modulators, Fiber Optic Receivers, Fiber Optic Splitter/Couplers, Fiber Optic Switches, Fiber Optic Transceivers, Fiber Optic Transmitters, Fiber Optic Wavelength Division Mux/Demux, as well as, Other Fiber Optics.
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