Perfect Parts Corporation Becomes an Authorized Distributor for Susumu Thin Film Technology

At Perfect Parts we are very excited to have added Susumu Thin Film Technology products to our Authorized line card. Susumu is well known for its high reliability and premium quality resistors. Susumu is one of the few who have been awarded for their ZERO DEFECT products.
Their newest RG series Thin Film Resistor has superseded quality expectations.
Product features include;

  • Inorganic passivation provides for the most accurate tolerance(+/-0.02%) and near 0 TCR(+/-5ppm/℃).
  • Fit for the most severe environments such as automotive and industrial equipment.
  • Highest reliabillity with an expected failure rate 0.011FIT(11 parts per trillion). No failures reported from customers in the past 10 years.

Perfect Parts Corporation is dedicated to offering quality customer service to help you locate the product that best suits your design. We will assist you in every stage whether it be for design, prototype, pre-scheduling, and/ or delivering your material on-time. We are excited to share Susumu’s products with the world and offering only the best high reliability solution products on the market.  Susumu is also famous for the “World’s Smallest Chip Current Sensor due to the heat dissipation design.
These products can handle high frequency applications. Susumu products can be used in a wide range of applications such as:
PC Applications:
Logic Circuits for Computers and its Peripherals: PCs, Printers, DVDs, Set Top Boxes etc.
Base-band Circuits: Mobile Phones, Car Navigation Systems etc. Signal Processing Circuits: AV (audio and visual) Equipment, Digital Still Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, DVDs, and more.
RF Applications;
Wireless Applications: Mobile Unit, Base Station,WLAN, Blutooth Etc. Automotive Information Systems: ETC, Car Navigation System,Automotive WLAN Digital Image, Video Receiver Units: TV Tuner, Booster,etc.
Automotive Applications:
Powertrain Control, Chassis Control, Body Control.
EV / HEV Car Battery Control, Vehicle Information System.
Power Source Applications:
Power Supply for Computer and its Peripherals: PCs, Printers, etc.
Battery (Pack) for Mobile Units: Mobile Phones, Digital Steel Cameras, Digital Video Cameras etc.
Battery Charger for Mobile Units: Mobile Phones, Digital Steel Cameras, Digital Video Cameras etc.
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