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Perfect Parts is pleased to announce the newest addition to our Authorized Distribution channels, ISOCOM Components. We are very pleased to bring you this manufacturer has specialized Optocouplers and Optoswitches with flexible processes that allow for the shortest manufacturing lead times. With manufacturer lead-times ranging from 1-2 weeks ISOCOM is a great resource for electronic components which can easily support your last minute sourcing and production needs.  Their expert knowledge and product quality made them one of the most respected brands in the industry and their superior customer service and unrivaled and endorsed by those that utilize their products in their applications.


Isocom has been a leading global manufacturer and supplier in the United Kingdom of high performance infrared optoelectronic components for over 25 years and they offer competitive part drop-in replacements for almost all of the popular types and industry standard parts. All of their components are made to be RoHS Compliant  like their Half Pitch Products  which feature Isocom’s small thin packaging ideal for surface mount assemblies such as PCMCIA and other types of high density printed circuit boards. These components come in a variety of styles such as the 4-Pin Half Pitch, the 4-Pin Long Creepage, and in the 16-Pin Quad Package. The Mini Flat Package  is another very popular product featured with a small outline package in both 4-Pin and 8-Pin arrays, ideal for all heavy duty high density surface mount applications.

Isocom products are applicable to a wide variety of industry applications such as; Gas Detection and Monitoring, Medical, Telecom, Lighting, Power Supply and Protection, Smart Meters, Automation, and more. They offer the most competitive pricing and better availability with their drop-in replacements and their handy Cross Reference Guide Utility  which allows a user to easily identify and locate the appropriate replacement parts. This tool is for reference only and users should make a determination based on individual technical data sheets which Perfect Parts Corporation is more than happy to assist with.


Isocom also provides customers with many additional services like specialized parametric selections and custom circuit design, just-in-time delivery, and much more. We are very happy to be a part of the Isocom distribution team and we are dedicated to bringing our customers the very best in pricing and delivery for all of their current ongoing and future projects. Please don’t hesitate to get ahold of us directly for a stock check, or for pricing and delivery on your Isocom Component needs.


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