How Does Our Electronic Component Data Stack Up to Competitors That Charge?

Have you ever been told “If it’s free it must not be valuable?” Well they are wrong in the case of our Electronic Component Search Engine. Many professionals depend on our data for up to date electronic component information and here’s why.

Our catalog in comprised of over 425,000,000 electronic parts that are available to choose from for both your new designs and production needs.  You can access the most current datasheet, RoHS, Reach, inventory availability, and more.  You can rest assured that you are viewing the most current datasheet and information to date online with our monthly updates and ISO audited database you have will have a multitude of tools within your reach.  We have built a series of search functions for our users and are continuing to add more. Today, you can search by series, search by category, search by manufacturer, search by product family, and perform a multi-search.

If you are looking for more in depth data solutions you can turn to our online tool to manage your parts lists no matter the size. All 425,000,000 products are ISO Audited in both areas of our website for their accuracy when it comes to status, obsolescence, RoHS, Reach, Life Cycle, Historical Datasheets, PCN, Alerts, FFF Crosses, Alternates, Similar Parts, and more.  In addition, by registering for platinum membership you will also receive free ground shipping on every one of your orders with Perfect Parts. By becoming a platinum member we offer you everything from free development boards to free shipping and more.

Not only do you gain access to more products than our competitor’s sites but you gain more accurate information and more of it!  With the largest repository of historical datasheets in the world you can accurately pinpoint product change notifications and alerts.

With registration to our tool you can not only save yourself the hefty price of working with our competitors but you will be able to manage and gain access, as well as, corporate strength in the following areas.

  1. Access to High-Quality Verified Inventory

With our ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Process you can have yourself both time & money when sourcing hard to find electronic parts when there is no replacements. Our team is vigilant in our vendor screening process, testing, verifying, and sourcing traceable components.  On the forefront of Counterfeit Mitigation and quality processes you will mitigate more with Perfect Parts than you can when using our competitors product. Instead of being left high and dry for the components you need when no replacements exist- work with a team who can help you design in the newest component &/ or authentic product to keep  your production line moving with the test reports you need to feel safe and maintain your brands high reputation for reliability . Our Multi Manufacturer knowledge will help you move swiftly during shortages to resolve going line down.

  1. Lower Your Companies Supply Chain Costs & Risks Simultaneously

With life cycle data and a clear look into the electronic component market with Perfect Parts You can chose high-quality, low risk, high Inventory parts that are available in the market.  Our team will work with you to ensure we meet your projects/ parts budget by reviewing your BOM list to ensure you the best market value for the components you are in need of for both design and production.

  1. Marketplace Insight Aligned with Product Status, Obsolescence, Alternates, and Multi-Manufacturer Sources

No one can argue that a products life cycle is important but instead of only utilizing products life cycle we incorporate market inventory and product availability and lead-times. You can avoid being blindsided by shortages due to products being discontinued or low demand items that get discontinued quickly before you even hit production. Make better decisions faster when viewing inventory, multiple manufacturers, alternates, and pricing.

  1. Cross Reference Tools, Comparison, and Full Part Parametric

Save time and avoid dissecting a datasheet with access for up to 46 parametric values. Compare parts side by side and highlight product differences.

  1. Environmental Compliance Information

Gain access to REACH, RoHS, Substances, Conflict Minerals, and FMD reports. Make reporting easy and faster than ever before by having part information in an easy format to work with.

Request a one week free trial of our tool today.  Call one of our obsolescence specialists to get signed up today at 949-209-1655 or register here.

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