New Authorized Distribution Agreement With Citizen FineDevice Co., Ltd.

Perfect Parts Corporation is excited to announce our new authorized distribution agreement with Citizen FineDevice Co., Ltd. We are honored to be partnered with the world’s premier manufacturer of quartz crystal, optical, and ceramic devices. Citizen FineDevice Co., Ltd. offers high quality products which are well known around the world for their excellence in quality and high reliability. Citizen FineDevice Co., Ltd. offers expanded services like precision machining, FA systems, surface treatment, coating, heat treatment, and assembly for many electronic devices and measuring instruments.


Citizen FineDevice Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1959 and can boast a very proud history of almost 60 years in production, design and manufacturing excellence. With a focus on compact precision parts, the Citizen FineDevice Co., Ltd. is known as a true leader in high accuracy and high definition products. From design to production, assembly to testing, Citizen FineDevice Co., Ltd. has made a name for itself by fusing material technology with ultra-precision machining technology, joining technology, and thin-film technology.


The ferroelectric liquid crystal microdisplay using its unique process L-COS (liquid crystal on silicon) has revolutionized the industry and has made Citizen FineDevice Co., Ltd. a sought after brand for sensing devices, high quality cameras, display systems, scopes, and more. Citizen FineDevice Co., Ltd. is utilized for vehicle mounted heads up display and head mounted cameras across a vast variety of industries including commercial, telecommunications, aerospace, medical, industrial, and more.


In addition to its broad array of products Citizen FineDevice is innovating new products which include: Combustion pressure sensors, which will utilize a piezoelectric material for automobile engines greatly reducing the emissions and exhaust. This is a valuable contribution not only to the auto industry, but to the environment as well.


We look forward to supporting you with Citizen FineDevice products. Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in receiving a quotation for their products.

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