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We have released a new area of our site that allows you to search electronic component products by their generic/ series part numbers. This feature gives you access to electronic products that are grouped by the series – these part options are usually embedded into the datasheet.  This feature will help you quickly compare the different capabilities and/or options per each part series.  We hope this feature helps you to narrow your search and view the part series with more efficiency.


You can start searching by series in three areas of our new website:

  1. By Manufacturer: go to manufacturer and select the manufacturer’s generic series tab on the left hand side of the page.   You can view items grouped by series here.
  2. By selecting “Generic/Series” from the search bar drop down menu. Here you will need to truncate the part number. Ex. TMS320C all product series starting with the generic series will be displayed.

Perfect Parts is dedicated to building tools to help you select the best products for your applications. Stay tuned for new blog posts about more new features coming soon by registering for our newsletter.  Perfection is evident throughout every aspect of our business as we demonstrate our commitment to electronic component search tools, component quality, integrity, and service.

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