Search Parts in our ISO Audited Database

Perfect Parts is proud to boast our ISO Audited database of electronic components which holds data on over 425,000,000 electronic parts.  Perfect Parts is excited to offer more information on our database of electronic parts and the benefits of searching parts in an ISO Audited database for both manufacturers and customers alike.

It’s true that not all databases are created equally.  In the electronics industry old outdated information on electronic components can cause more than shortages and confusion among engineers and purchasing professionals.  Old out dated electronic part information creates a high risk environment for buyers and engineers who utilize that data to make educated and strategic choices when selecting products to purchase or use in their designs.   With our database you can rest assured that you are receiving the most current and up to date part details in order to make the best decisions for your design challenges.  With regular sample part information audits by our data partners you can be sure your component information is the best the industry has to offer.

Key Points:

  •  image1


  • World’s Largest Electronic Component Database
  • 4000+ Manufacturers
  • 400 Product categories
  • 425,000,000+ Unique Part Numbers & SKU’s
  • ISO 9001:2008 AUDITED

You can expect accuracy when using our in depth database of electronic components. To learn more schedule a demonstration today or call us at 949-209-1655.

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