Susumu’s RG3216 Series



Symbolically, each single character given in the part number has its own definition. The first 2 letters RG stands for the series code while 3216 stands for the size of the part in which, 3.2mm width and 1.6mm length. N on the other hand represents the thermal coefficient of the part which is +/- 10 ppm/C. The next 4 digits 2000 represent the resistance value which is 200ohm whereas B stands for resistance tolerance and T5 denotes packaging quantity. For simplicity in this article, we call this part as RG3216 series.


Susumu Co Ltd in Japan is the manufacturer of RG3216 series thin film resistor. The RG3216 meets all EU RoHS compliance regulations.  The RG3216 series resistor is an exceptional product for following reason:  It can support surface mount technology which suits many application. It comes with its own internal power of 0.25W with only a failure rate of 10 parts per million.


Furthermore, the resistance drift of RG3216 is less than +/-0.1% after going through 10000 hours of accelerated reliability test. This exceptional characteristic makes the RG3216 series available for numerous applications that require precise resistors mostly automotive electronics, industrial test, and measurement equipment.


Comparing to its neighbor series, RG3216 emerge to be on top in terms of the maximum operating voltage of 200V. This enhancement allows the part to operate from the range of 75 – 150V.  The operating temperature of RG3216 can be anything in between -55C to 155C and it comes with range of resistance value up to 1Mohm.  RG3216 has also successfully gone through several stress test such as moisture load life, temperature cycle, and high temperature exposure with drift limits to be less than +/- 0.05% proving its capabilities and  robust package.



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