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ABB SWITZERLAND LTD SEMICONDUCTORS fulfills the demand for traction and energy transmission segments with high reliability and future oriented technologies and their high powered semiconductors. Providing top quality Diodes, Thyristors, IGCTs, IGBTs and GTOs with power ranges from 300 to 12000 Amp and 200 to 8500 volt products. Products Include: Assembly Items, Bridge Rectifier Diodes, Circuit Breaker, Current Sense Transformers, Headers and Edge Type Connectors, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors, Non-linear Resistors, Other Interconnects, Power Connectors, Power/Signal Relays, Rectifier Diodes, Silicon Controlled Rectifiers,Silicon Surge Protectors, Snap Acting/Limit Switches, Special Relays, Terminals and Terminal Blocks, Time Delay Relays, Toggle Switches, Transient Suppressors, TRIACs, Other Interconnects. 

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