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ABRACON CORP is a global manufacturer of magnetic components, frequency controls, clock distribution and signal conditioning since 1992. Abracon offers a wide variety of Oscillators, Antennas, Resonators, Transformers, Inductors and more from their many worldwide locations including its state of the art California engineering laboratory. Electronic Products Include; Ceramic Filters, Clock Drivers, Clock Generators, Crystal Filters, Current Sense Transformers, Data Line Filters, DRAMs, Fixed Capacitors, Fixed Inductors, General Purpose Filters, Limited Part Number Data, Mains Filters, Non-linear Resistors, OCVCXO, Clock, OCVCXO, Sine, OCXO, Clock, OCXO, Sine, Other Oscillators, Other Telecom ICs, Peripheral Drivers, Power/Mains Transformers, Pulse/Datacom Transformers, Quartz Crystals, RF Transformers, SAW Filters, SAW Resonators, Silicon Surge Protectors, SMPS Transformers, TCVCXO, Clock, TCVCXO, Sine, TCXO, Clock, TCXO, Sine, Telecom Filters, Telecom Transformers, Timers or RTCs, Tuned DRO/CRO, Variable Capacitors, Variable Inductors, VCXO, Clock, VCXO, Sine, Visible LEDs, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, XO, Clock, XO, Sine, & Array/Network Resistors. 

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