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For over 85 years, Texas Instruments has been a leading innovator in electronic component manufacturing through innovation and superior quality. TI operates in 35 countries with 30,000 employees and offers almost one hundred thousand different types of semiconductors, embedded processors and analog integrated circuits including filters, regulators, converters, diodes, amplifiers, bus controllers, terminators, transceivers, circuit breakers, clock drivers, generators, codecs, comparators, counters, decoders, delays, potentiometers, signal processors, FIFOs, display drivers, image sensors, gates, graphic processors, microprocessors, MOSFET drivers, network drivers, optoelectronics, memory, power supply modules, and much much more. 

With a focus on innovation, Texas Instruments has become the most popular and most trusted manufacturer brand in the world utilized by nearly every type of industry and in every type of electronic products known to man. With sales topping 10 Billion dollars a year, it’s clear that TI is the undisputed leader in the industry. Check them out for your next engineering or production electronic issues.

Our catalog features an extensive product lline from TI including; Active Filters, Adjustable Negative Single Output Standard Regulators, Adjustable Positive Multiple Output LDO Regulators, Adjustable Positive Single Output LDO Regulators, Adjustable Positive Single Output Standard Regulators, Analog Computational Functions, Analog Special Function Converters, Analog to Digital Converters, Analog Transmission Interfaces, Analog Waveform Generation Functions, Arithmetic Circuits, ATM/SONET/SDH ICs, Audio Control ICs, Audio Synthesizer ICs, Audio/Video Amplifiers, Automotive Circuits, Bit-Slice Processors, Bridge Rectifier Diodes, Buffer Amplifiers, Bus Controllers, Bus Driver/Transceivers, Bus Terminators, Cellular Telephone Circuits, Circuit Breaker, Clock Drivers, Clock Generators, Clock ICs, Codecs, Color Signal Converters, Comparators, Cordless Telephone ICs, Counters, Data Line Filters, Decoder/Drivers, Deflection ICs, Delay Lines, Digital Potentiometers, Digital Signal Processors, Digital to Analog Converters, Digital Transmission Controllers, Digital Transmission Interfaces, Display Controllers, Display Drivers, DMA Controllers, DRAMs, Drive Electronics, DSP Peripherals, EEPROMs, EPROMs, FF/Latches, Fiber Optic Switches, Field Programmable Gate Arrays, FIFOs, Fixed Mixed Multiple Output Standard Regulators, Fixed Negative Single Output LDO Regulators, Fixed Negative Single Output Standard Regulators, Fixed Positive Multiple Output LDO Regulators, Fixed Positive Multiple Output Standard Regulators, Fixed Positive Single Output LDO Regulators, Fixed Positive Single Output Standard Regulators, Fixed/Adjustable Positive Multiple Output LDO Regulators, Fixed/Adjustable Positive Single Output LDO Regulators, Flash Memories, Gates, Graphics Processors, Headers and Edge Type Connectors, Image Sensors, Infrared LEDs, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Interrupt Controllers, Isolation Amplifiers, LED Displays, Level Translators, Limited Part Number Data, Line Driver or Receivers, Linear Position Sensors, Magnetic Field Sensors, MASK ROMs, Math Processors, Memory Controllers, Memory Management Units, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Microwave Mixer Diodes, Modems, MOSFET Drivers, Motion Control Electronics, Multifunction Peripherals, Multiplexer/Demultiplexers, Multiplexers or Switches, Network Interfaces, Operational Amplifiers, Optocoupler - IC Outputs, Optocoupler - Transistor Outputs, Optocoupler - Trigger Device Outputs, Other Analog ICs, Other Consumer ICs, Other Converters, Other Diodes, Other Interface ICs, Other Logic ICs, Other Memory ICs, Other Optoelectronics, Other Oscillators, Other Regulators, Other Semiconductors, Other Sensors/Transducers, Other Telecom ICs, Other Transistors, Other uPs/uCs/Peripheral ICs, OTP ROMs, Parallel IO Ports, Peripheral Drivers, Photo Diodes, Photo ICs, Photo Transistors, PLL or Frequency Synthesis Circuits, Power Bipolar Transistors, Power Field-Effect Transistors, Power Management Circuits, Power Supply Modules, Prescaler/Multivibrators, Pressure Sensors, Programmable Logic Devices, Programmable Unijunction Transistors, PROMs, Receiver ICs, Rectifier Diodes, Remote Control ICs, RF Power Bipolar Transistors, RF Power Field-Effect Transistors, RF Small Signal Bipolar Transistors, RF Small Signal Field-Effect Transistors, RF/Microwave Amplifiers, RF/Microwave Antennas, RF/Microwave Attenuators, RF/Microwave Detectors, RF/Microwave Isolator/Circulators, RF/Microwave Mixers, RF/Microwave Phase Shifters, RF/Microwave Switches, RF/Microwave Up/Down Converters, Sample and Hold Circuits, Secondary Storage Controllers, Serial IO/Communication Controllers, Shift Registers, Signal Separator ICs, Silicon Controlled Rectifiers, Silicon Surge Protectors, Small Signal Bipolar Transistors, Small Signal Field-Effect Transistors, Sockets and Chip Carriers, Solid State Relays, Special Switches, SRAMs, Stabistor Diodes, Switching Regulator or Controllers, System Interface Logic ICs, Telecom Encryption Circuits, Telecom Protection Circuits, Telecom Signaling Circuits, Telephone Circuits, Temperature Sensors, Timers or RTCs, Transient Suppressors, TRIACs, Tuner ICs, Unijunction Transistors, Varactors, Visible LEDs, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Voltage References, Zener Diodes,and  Infrared Sensors. 

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