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Perfect PPV Program

Perfect PPV Program


Perfect Parts knows how to reduce your costs and bring you quality material to satisfy your production needs. With our bill of materials cost savings options we are sure to reduce your procurement costs. Our Perfect Price Per Variance (PPV) Program lowers your standard cost during times of product unavailability and uncertainty. In reducing your costs on your overall bill of materials (BOM) we are able to control your PPV and offer you helpful savings throughout. During this process we are able to give you the tools to locate your best resolution. We offer free advice on how to save on particular product lines and shave off excess costs. We are sure to locate you the best possible options on your BOM with access to material crosses, market intelligence, strong relationships, and global authorized sources. Perfects Parts has found that for even those not struggling to fit their production needs our cost savings without risking quality is never a "non-win-win" situation. Our mission is to bring you the best service, solutions, quality, and savings.  Send in your bill of material list today and join our group of satisfied customers.  


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