New Website Release 2016

Perfect Parts is proud to announce the release of our new website. We have added many new features to the site.  You can now locate Documents, More About, and Search by Series, Featured Manufacturers, Featured Products, and Reference Designs. Documents can be located under the product detail for the specified part you are viewing if documents are available.  You can also search by series in the main search bar or via the specific manufacturer you are interested in viewing part series for.  Reference deigns can be accessed via home page and give you access to thousands of reference designs by Texas Instruments.


We stock a broad array of integrated circuits and semiconductor product lines. We specialize in a variety of active components, high performance processors, relays, transformers, connectors, tantalum capacitors, thin film capacitors, memory, and much more. Perfect Parts has access to over 406+ electronic product categories, 4000+ manufacturers, and 425+ million parts. With our extensive catalog you are sure to find what you need with the World’s Largest Electronic Catalog at your fingertips. With our continuously growing network of worldwide sources we have the ability to support you and your team with 24-hour sourcing of over 425+ million electronic components.


We hope our newest responsive website design will make you eager to search electronic components for your newest design and that if you are ever in need of cross reference parts or design support that you will login and utilize our state of the art design & engineering tools. We look forward to being a part of your next innovative project and giving you our full support.



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